The Alto Piceno occupies the hinterland of the southern part of Le Marche Region.  which extends Nestled between the lively Adriatic Riviera and the Sibillini Mountains, the area reserves a variety of landscapes of absolute beauty and charm.

From the gentle drumlins in the open countryside spotted by picturesque medieval towns to the legendary trekking routes of the Sibillini, the Alto Piceno offers cultural treasures and a rich and authentic culinary tradition.

The mountain-hills conformation of Le Marche landscape shaped also agricultural traditions. To maximize production in these non-easily accessible inland areas, the population had to develop ad-hoc cultivation practices that aimed at sustainable processes and low mechanizations impact. As reward, the soil and rich biodiverse landscape rewarded these efforts with priceless flavor nuances of typical Mediterranean products like wheat, olive and vine but also of delicacies like truffles.

Doesn’t matter if in search of the precious white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) or the sublime black truffle (Tuber macrosporum Vitt. and Tuber aestivum Vittad.) or for the autumnal chestnuts, the Alto Piceno becomes a favorite destination for food lovers, but also an estimated place for peace and beauty.