Symbiotic Agriculture is an innovative cultivation technique in which crops grown with completely natural products such as symbiont fungi, bacteria and yeasts and wording for a philosophy based on the concept of symbiotic association: collaboration between organisms.

This collaboration which naturally establishes a better interaction between soil & plant roots allows superior performances in agricultural production in an eco-sustainable manner and at zero environmental impact.

The higher uptake of nutrients and tolerance from biotic and abiotic stresses of the plant without chemical treatments also preserves soil biodiversity.

Symbiotic Agriculture supports the human well-being and correct nutrition habits. Products obtained from symbiotic agriculture have a high content on functional foods and enhance the nutraceutical aspect of the food on our tables contributing to the prevention of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Microorganisms present in soil, plant but also the one in our intestine help us to feel better. Indeed, such microorganisms promote the absorption of nutrients and a rich intestinal flora is functional to the immune system response. A daily consumption of symbiotic agriculture-derivate products strengthens the maintenance of a healthy intestinal microbiome.

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