8 Good Reason to choose our Products:

1 – Are Sustainable avoid the introduction of harmful substances on our table

The symbiotic agriculture used to cultivate our produce is eco-sustainable and it drastically reduce the application of pesticides and mineral fertilizers. The combination of old varieties and symbiotic agriculture confers to the final product healthy properties and elevated nutritional quality.

2 – High Nutritional Value and Nutraceutical properties

Our products are originated from symbiotic agriculture technique which increases nutritional and nutraceutical properties on your tables. Nutraceuticals are functional food groups provide extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods thus supporting proper diet and immune system strengthening. Nutraceuticals are contributing to the prevention of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The traditional approach of the symbiotic agriculture prevents from food allergies known to be generated by industrial food of modified crop varieties.

3 – Is Good for the planet -Respect the environment

The agricultural practice used to cultivate our products alleviates soils from chemicals accumulation and intensive mechanization via higher efficiency in nutrients uptake and plant tolerance from biotic and abiotic stresses. The application of natural products also preserves soil biodiversity. Biodiversity increases agricultural soil fertility and supports good practice for the environment.

4 – Minimal Food Processing

Minimal food processing is a must for Terre Alte Picene that brings on your table the original flavor of traditional food ingredients. Minimal food processing guarantees also high preservation of nutrients and elevated nutraceutical values.

5 – Use Recyclable Packaging

95% of our packaging is recyclable

6 – Support Responsible Production

Since 2012 we responsibly reduced hydric consumption and green house gas (GHG) per ton of final product.

7 – Tasty and Local

Enjoy the authentic flavour of our Territory.

8 – You are part of the Game Changing

When choosing our products, you are growing consciousness among consumers towards a healthier eating habit. You are helping us to promote a responsible agricultural production cycle and healthy food consumption.